For potential members

What are the benefits of the membership in the Association?

- The networking – arrangement of relationships among contractors and customers, industry players;

- The access to new technologies;

- The access to the government agencies;

- Bringing the problems of the company / industry to decision-making centers;

- Participation in business forums;

- The information on the latest technologies;

- PR of the company;

- The free participation at the annual "Kazneftegazservice" Conference;

- The discount on participation in international and national conferences;

- The information about the forthcoming seminars, trade missions and participation at these events;

- The participation in the work of the committees;

- The meetings of the sub-industry players and the establishment of the common standards and rules;

How to join KAZSERVICE?

KAZSERVICE Membership Application

Inquiry form for KAZSERVICE membership

The questionnaire on the problems of the company and its suggestions to the work of KAZSERVICE