The Committees of KAZSERVICE

Committee on Metrology

The Committee deals with the issues related to standardization and national metrology. The Committee solves the issues related to instrumentation and raises the urgent questions related to the participation of local companies in the salvation of the metrology problems.

Committee for Co-operation with Asian countries.

Committee strengthens relationships with companies from the Asian region, in general, and from China in particular. The Committee aims to establish cooperation between local companies and companies from China.

Committee of Kazakhstan shipyards (Metalwork Plant)

In recent years, Kazakhstan built modern factories of metalwork (fabrication yards), which produce various modifications of metal items for the commodity sector.

Committee on Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure

The committee consists of companies that provide services for the transport and logistics by land, sea and air, and the infrastructure preparation services. The Committee set itself the task to involve the transport and logistics companies in the major oil and gas projects.

Committee of engineering works

Engineering is an essential part of the project for the preparation of the extraction field. This committee deals with issues related to the development of the local engineering and conduct part of the engineering and design in Kazakhstan for major oil & gas projects.

Committee on Health, security, environmental and international standards

The purpose of the committee is to implement international standards of work in the fields of Kazakhstan, as well as exchange of experience on best industry standards in terms of HSE.

Committee on drilling

The Committee was established to create a platform for dialogue and discussion of various issues among the leaders of drilling companies.