The Seventh Annual Rating*


The most influential people

In Oil and Gas industry of Kazakhstan



This year the seventh annual ranking was leaded by Almasadam Satkaliyev. The Minister of Energy of the RoK holds the top position in the ranking due to his important role in the development and implementation of strategies for the country's energy sector. His decisions and initiatives will have a direct impact on the economic development of Kazakhstan, as well as the formation of strategic partnerships on the international stage.

In a short period of time in his ministerial role, he personally participated in the OPEC+ deal meetings, reaffirming commitment to the Agreement. He actively supports Kazakhstan's oil service sector in increasing the share of Kazakh content in goods. Continuously addresses energy security matters for the country.




Despite the numerous changes in the country over the last year, Timur Kulibaev has risen to the 2nd position.

Timur Kulibaev continues to be a beneficiary of a dozen companies in the oil and gas business, including oil and gas extraction, oilfield services, and oil and gas machinery manufacturing.



Magzum Mirzagaliyev holds the 3rd position in the ranking thanks to his significant role in leading the only vertically integrated company in Kazakhstan, in which the state holds 97% ownership stake. The company's portfolio includes assets across the entire production cycle – from hydrocarbon exploration and extraction to transportation, processing, and service provision.

Magzum Mirzagaliyev faces the monumental task of ensuring a steady supply of petroleum products for both businesses and the population.

Last year, KMG successfully went public through an IPO, where tens of thousands of citizens from the country participated.




Under Beket Izbastin's leadership, the PSA Authority represents the Republic of azakhstan’s control and optimization of expences in projects in the fields of 'Kashagan,' 'Karachaganak,' and 'Dunga.'

Recently due to violations of procurement procedures in the North Caspian and Aksai fields, PSA Authority has claimed irrecoverable costs from Kazakhstani oil, totaling over 16.5 billion US dollars, in international arbitration.

PSA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy of the RoK, consistently works with major operators to explore amendments to tender procedure regulations, ensuring the maximal engagement of domestic producers in oil and gas projects.



Bolat Akchulakov

On April 4, 2023, Bolat Akchulakov was appointed as an advisor to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since January 2022, he served as the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During his relatively short tenure as the Minister of Energy, he approved a roadmap for the development of Kazakhstan's oilfield services.

Furthermore, B. Akchulakov actively participates in nearly all meetings led by the head of state related to oil and gas issues.




On the 1st of July 2023 Alibek Zhamauov was been appointed to the position of Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Prior to this, starting from May 2020, in the role of Deputy General Director overseeing contracts, implementation, and auditing of accounts for oil operations at the PSA Authority, Alibek Zhamauov supervised all key matters related to the Karachaganak and North Caspian (Kashagan) projects. He actively participates for the development of Kazakhstani content interests in the North Caspian and Karachaganak projects.

As the newly appointed Vice Minister of Energy of the RoK, he tasks’ in development of the country's gas and petrochemical industries, as well as overseeing major projects such as Tengiz, North Caspian, and Karachaganak.




Askhat Khassenov was appointed to the position of Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in January of 2022. In his new role, he advocates for the interests of Kazakhstani state with oil-extracting companies.

He coordinates all activities related to subsoil use (rights).




Sanzhar Zharkeshov has been serving as the Chairman of the Board of the JSC 'NC 'QazaqGaz' since March of 2022. With extensive international managerial experience in the oil and gas sector, since his appointment, he has conducted an audit within the national company and secured priority rights status for gas and gas condensate contracts.

The primary goal of QazaqGaz is to shape and incentivize value creation across the entire chain, from geological exploration to distribution.

In 2023, a new gas purchase price formula was introduced by Sanzhar Zharkeshov.

Sanzhar's main tasks include completing the construction of the gas processing plant for 1 billion cubic meters and ensuring gas supply to the northeastern regions of Kazakhstan.


Kevin LYON

Since February 1, 2021, Kevin Lyon has been a General Director of the largest oil-extraction company and the largest taxpayer in Kazakhstan, 'Tengizchevroil' LLP. At the end of the previous year, 'Tengizchevroil' increased its production by 10%. Furthermore, starting from February 2022, the remuneration for all rotational workers of the oil company and contracting companies was increased by 50%. As a result of the year 2022, the company achieved a record profit for its shareholders.




In June of the current year, by the Kazakh Government resolution,
Yerlan Akkenzhenov appointed as a Vice Minister of Energy. With an accomplished background in leadership roles across various industries of the oil and gas sector, he most recently served as the Head of the Petroleum Products Marketing Department at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas' since July 2022.

One of the key tasks of Yerlan Akkenzhenov is the optimization of the list of oil products prohibited or restricted for export from Kazakhstan beyond the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.



Giancarlo RUIU

Since April 2021, Giancarlo Ruiu has been effectively leading Karachaganak Petroleum Operating.

Under his leadership, the Karachaganak Expansion Project (KEP-1) was initiated, and necessary conditions were established to revamp the local content policy. A 10-year local content development plan has been developed.

Giancarlo Ruiu is expected to oversee the commencement of the gas processing plant construction at the Karachaganak field, which will become a strategical asset for Kazakhstan’s energy industry.



Olivier LAZARE

Former head of Shell in Kazakhstan, from the 1st August, 2021, took the position of Managing Director at NCOC N.V. - the operator of the Kashagan field (North Caspian).

The cumulative investments into the Kashagan project have surpassed 70 billion US dollars. Under the leadership of Olivier Lazare, the scheduled preventative maintenance operations at the Kashagan field were successfully completed ahead of the anticipated timeline.



Nurdaulet KILYBAI

Nurdaulet Kilybay serves as the General Director (Chairman of the Board) of JSC 'OzenMunaiGas'. Previously, he held positions as the Deputy Governor of the Mangystau Region and the Governor of the city of Aktau.

Under Nurdaulet Kilybay's leadership, the company is preparing to execute the Uzen field rehabilitation project. He has established a project management group under his supervision, including representatives from production units, financial experts, procurement professionals, legal advisors, as well as scientific personnel from 'KMG Engineering' LLP.




Sabit Arynov holds the position of General Director (Chairman of the Board) at JSC 'EmbaMunaiGas.' Prior to his current appointment, Sabit Arynov served as the Deputy General Director for Production at JSC 'KazTransOil' (KTO). He has also held various roles at JSC 'KazTransOil,' including Director of the Operations Department, Head of the Western Branch, and Deputy General Director.




In February 2022, by decision of the Board of Directors, Talgat Kurmanbayev was appointed as the Chairman of the Management Board at JSC 'KazTransOil.' Throughout different periods, Talgat Kurmanbayev has held leadership positions at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas,' JSC 'SWF 'Samruk-Kazyna,' LLP 'KazMunayGas-Aero,' and also at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the reporting period, during the first half of the year, JSC 'KazTransOil' transported 19.9 million tons of oil through the main pipeline system. Under his guidance, a memorandum was signed with the Government of Germany for the transportation of 1.2 million tons of oil per year.




Since June 1, 2022, Konilkosh Suessinov has been appointed as the Deputy General Director of 'Tengizchevroil' LLP. Konilkosh Suessinov's appointment is underpinned by his extensive international experience in leadership roles on oil projects, including his work at 'KazMunayGas'.

Since appointment, he has been actively engaged in addressing the issues related to the relations between TOО 'Tengizchevroil' and contractors, as well as in increasing the Kazakhstani content share.




Uzakbay Karabalin stands as one of the most esteemed veteran figures in Kazakhstan's oil industry. Over the years, he has led significant oil and gas companies, held the position of Minister of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and later became the First Vice Minister of Energy. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas' and holds the position of Deputy Chairman at the 'KAZENERGY' Association. 



In June 2023, Murat Zhurebekov was appointed as an advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Prior to this, he served as the Akim of the city of Aktobe. Previously, he held the position of the First Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2022, Murat Zhurebekov made a notable trip to the USA to address matters related to the special status of oil pipeline routes and Kazakhstan's oil.

He also actively participated in negotiations concerning the additional processing of 1.8 billion cubic meters of raw gas from the Karachaganak field for the country's domestic market, as well as discussions with 'Sibur Holding' regarding involvement in a polyethylene production project.




Meirbek Ikhsanov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at JSC 'NC 'QazaqGaz,' has substantial managerial experience gained from international corporations. He has played an instrumental role in executing major projects across 9 countries.

Mr. Ikhsanov is currently entrusted with important responsibilities, including expanding the resource base, overseeing the construction and modernization of gas transportation infrastructure, are among other key objectives.




Since February of this year, Serikkali Brekeshev has appointed to the role of Deputy Chairman of the Board at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas.' In 2021, he served as the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He played a direct role in shaping the National Project for the Development of the Geological Exploration Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2025.

Serikkali Brekeshev is responsible for overseeing the gas projects at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas'.



Dauletzhan KHASANOV

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas,' Dauletzhan Khasanov, effectively leads the special task force dedicated to addressing the special issues at JSC 'OzenMunaiGas'.

Presently, he is addressing the matters related to employment opportunities for the residents of Zhanaozen, while also ensuring the preservation of jobs through long-term contracts.




Since February 2023, Kuanysh Kudaibergenov has held the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas' overseeing major projects. Previously, he served as the Deputy General Director of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating.

From 2017 to 2021, he held the position of Director of the Oil Industry Development Department at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At different times, he occupied various positions in companies such as LLP 'KMG-Kansu Operating,' Rompetrol S.A., JSC 'NC 'KazMunayGas,' Caspian Meruerty Operating Company B.V., JSC 'MNK 'KazMunayTeniz,' and ZAO 'Integra'.




Mukhtar Mankeyev has been appointed as the Vice General Director of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Previously, he held the position of General Director at JSC 'Oil and Gas Information and Analytical Center,' a subsidiary of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, responsible for the daily collection and analysis of information on oil and gas production and petroleum products manufacturing.

In his previous roles (Managing Director of Samruk-Kazyna, First Deputy Akim of West Kazakhstan Region), Mukhtar Mankeyev has proven himself as an experienced manager, reformer, and crisis manager.



Kenzhebek IBRASHEV

Since April 2021, he has been serving as the General Director of the Association 'KAZENERGY' and is the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Industry Committee of the 'ATAKEN' National Economic Chamber Presidium.

At various times, Ibrayev has led the 'PSA Authority,' JSC 'RD KazMunayGas,' JSC 'KazMunayTeniz,' and JSC 'Kazakhstan Caspian Shelf'.

In December 2016, during his position as the General Director of LLP 'PSA,' the restart of the North Caspian project was successfully carried out.




In May 2022, Bulat Zakirov was appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "NC "KazMunayGas," overseeing oil transportation, international projects, and the construction of the "Saryarka" gas pipeline. He also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "KazTransOil". Throughout various years, he held leadership positions in "KMG-Transcaspian" LLP and JSC "KazTransOil".

His significant responsibilities, including the exploration of alternative routes for oil transportation, including across the Caspian Sea.




Rashid Zhaksylykov is a strong proponent of local content and holds the position of Chairman of the Presidium at the Union of Oilfield Service Companies in Kazakhstan, a trade association of approximately 180 contactors and suppliers. He actively engages in negotiations with major operators, advocating for the interests of both local and foreign subcontractors. His efforts have facilitated the establishment of several consortia and joint ventures involving international and Kazakhstani enterprises.




He serves as the General director of JSC 'Mangistaumunaygas,' one of Kazakhstan's largest oil production companies in terms of extraction volumes.

JSC 'Mangistaumunaygas' ranks among the top three subsoil users and major taxpayers in Kazakhstan, following Tengizchevroil and Karachaganak Petroleum Operating.

As of the beginning of 2023, the assets of 'Mangistaumunaygas' have increased by 35 billion tenge compared to the previous year, reaching 581.4 billion KZT. The capital grew by 23.5 billion KZT, from 302.5 billion KZT to 326 billion KZT, while liabilities increased from 244 billion KZT to 255.5 billion KZT. The revenue from crude oil sales amounted to 200 billion KZT, gas sales reached 2.9 billion KZT, and other revenue totaled 549 million KZT.




Deputy Chairman of the Board, Dastan Abdulgafarov, oversees petrochemical projects and coordinates the polyethylene project at 'Silleno LLP'.

Possessing over 18 years of experience within the corporate group of JSC NC "KazMunayGas", including 14 years in leadership roles.



Yerlan MUKAI

Yerlan Mukai is the Deputy Managing Director of NCOC N.V. — operator of the largest North Caspian field. As part of the Supplier Excellence Program, he actively develops local content on projects implemented by NCOC.




Born on March 13, 1963, Murat Dosmuratov has led the commissioning and startup of the Rominserv SRL Branch in Kazakhstan, overseeing the isomerization unit at the oil refinery. Over the years, he has held managerial positions at AO 'NC KazMunayGas,' 'KPI Inc' LLP and 'KLPE' LLP. Following a decision by the general meeting of participants, he was appointed as the General Director of TOO 'Atyrau Oil Refinery' in July 2022.



Kurmangazy ISKAZIYEV

Kurmangazy Iskaziyev has an extensive experience to the oil and gas industry, having started his career in 1985 at the 'Embaneft' production unit. He has also held managerial positions at JSC 'NC KazMunayGas.' Currently, he serves as the General Director of 'Kalamkas-Khazar Operating' LLP, a joint venture between JSC 'NC KazMunayGas' and LukOil. This venture focuses on the development of the Kalamkas-Sea, Khazar, and Auezov oil fields.



Nurlan SERIK

In September 2022, Nurlan Serik was appointed as a Deputy General Director for Projects at the PSA Authority. Previously, he held the position of General Manager at the PSA Authority for the North Caspian project. Under his leadership, efforts were also made to enhance local content development for the Karachaganak project.




Nurzhan Kismetov serves as the Deputy General Director for Contracts, Implementation, and Revision of the PSA Athority. He has held various positions, including Contract Monitoring Manager, Marketing Department, and later as the Head of the Technical Group. Nurzhan Kismetov also brings experience from international companies such as Shell Kashagan Development, LLOYD’S REGISTER Oil and Gas EMEA, Agip KCO, and PFD International.




Currently, Dmitry Makeev holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at the JSC 'NC KazMunayGas'. Under his leadership, refinery modernization has been carried out, enabling KMG to increase its production volumes of petroleum products and tax payments, while also improving environmental indicators. Dmitry Makeev is focused on meeting the growing demand for fuel and expanding the range of products. To achieve these goals, advanced technologies are being implemented at Kazakhstan's refineries, measures for the automation of technological processes are being taken, efforts are made to develop the workforce, and extended maintenance intervals are being adopted.




On January 28, 2022, Janar Zharylgasova was appointed as the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Energy of the RoK.

She graduated from Aktobe Polytechnic University, Kazakh Economic University named, Kazakh Humanities and Law University, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the National School of Administration (France).

She began her professional career in 1996 as a Senior Engineer at the Department of Fuel and Hydrocarbon Metal Technology at K. Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University. Over the years, she has worked in various positions within the energy sector of the public service system.




Derek Magnus has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Chevron's Eurasia Business Unit (EBU). As of January 1, 2022, he succeeded John Baltz, who held this position since 2018. Derek Magnus began his career at Chevron in 1997 as a facilities engineer. He subsequently held various responsible and leadership roles within Chevron across South Africa, Angola, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Magnus also worked in Kazakhstan as a Deputy Managing Director of EBU from 2009 to 2012.




Daniyar Abulgazin is a member of the Board of Directors of PetroRetail. He previously served as the Chairman of the Oil Industry Committee of the Presidium of NCE Atameken. Last year, he transferred his ownership shares in Petrosun LLP to JSC NC KazMunayGas. However, he still owns ADD Trade LLP and Arion Invest Commerce LLP, and holds stakes in JibekJoly Cargo LLP (container transport), Gas Energy Trade LLP, and Prime Case LLP (Qazaq Oil filling station network).




The president of ''Meridian Petrolem", Head of Kazakh oilfield and geology workers Association, PhD in geology-mineral sciences. Meridian Petroleum announced the discovery of a major oilfield with light and non-sour crude in the Tepke area of the Beineu district, Mangystau region.




Bian Dyzhy serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AO 'CNPC-Aktobemunaigas.' Previously, as the head of 'CNPC International' in Kazakhstan, he supervised several major oil-producing assets (AO 'Aktobemunaigas,' North Buzachi, KAM, AO 'SNPS-AyDan Munay,' 67% in PetroKazakhstan, 50% in AO 'MangistauMunaiGas,' 8.33% in NCOC) and main pipelines in the country. CNPC is one of the largest investors and has directed over $400 million towards social and charitable projects in Kazakhstan over the past 25 years.




Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kusto Group, holder of a controlling stake in United Minerals Group Limited.

Owns shares in the oil asset of KazPetrolGroup. Tatishev's interests are represented in the hotel, telecommunications and mining businesses, and the businessman is also implementing oil and gas projects through Kazpetrol Group.

He is the one of the initiators of the creation of a new association in the oil and gas sector PetroMining.



Michael KRALY

Mr Kraly is the Director of the Future Growth Project - Tengiz Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP/WPMW). The project budget has been increased from $37 billion to $45 billion.

Due to the pandemic, the launch of expansion facilities at Tengiz was shifted by 3 and 7 months, respectively: the projected launch date for the WPMP facilities is March 2024, FGP is November 2024.




In April 2023, Diana Arysova was appointed as a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC NC KazMunayGas.

From 2016 to 2023, Diana Arysova served as a Director of the Oil and Gas Operations Accounts (SNO) Audit Department at the PSA Authority.

Over the years, she worked as a financial director, deputy general director for economics and finance at the KMG Drilling & Services LLP; Deputy General Director for Finance, Director of the Corporate Finance Department of KazMunayTeniz JSC; Energy Projects Coordinator at the British Embassy in Kazakhstan.




Currently, Danyar Tiyessov is the Chairman of the Board at 'KPI Inc.' He has effectively overseen the launch of a major polypropylene production plant with an annual capacity of up to 500,000 tons.




Since 2021, he has held the position of Managing Director and Resident Manager at Agip Karachaganak B.V. in Kazakhstan. With extensive international experience in the oil and gas sector, including from 2014 to 2018, he served as Deputy General Director and the General Director of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

In Kazakhstan, Eni is a joint operator of the Karachaganak field (29.25%), Isatay Operating Company (50%), Caspian Pipeline Consortium (2%), as well as a shareholder in the North Caspian project (16.81%).

Eni accounts for 6.4% of oil production in Kazakhstan.




Chairman of the Board of the "Situational Analytical Center of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan" under the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Adilkhan Kopabaev has vast experience in the field of analytics and has worked in the US and Korea. Rockefeller Foundation Fellow. In a short time, he carried out digitalization in the CAC Fuel and Energy Complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan and continues to introduce digital solutions that help increase efficiency within the company.




Sayatbek Boranbekov - President of the PetroMining Association. For the last 5 years, he held the position of the Deputy General Director for Government Relations and Risk Management at the Canadian Cameco Corporation. Represented the interests of Cameco in the Council of Foreign Investors under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

PetroMining is an association of independent oil producing and processing companies that strive for transparent and fair conditions for all market participants.




Almas Kuandykov is the General Director (Chairman of the Board) JSC "NC E&P "QazaqGaz". He began his career in 2010 as a development engineer at Statoil in Norway. He worked in various positions at North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) as a development engineer, lead engineer for technical and business issues, coordinator for sulfur exports. For the last three years, he has supervised activities at the North Caspian and Karachaganak projects.




The owner of Neftestroyservice LTD LLP, which performs construction and installation works and services mainly in the Tengiz region. The company includes Consolidated Contractors-Kazakhstan LLP, CIS Kashagan LLP, KazakhNefteGazService LLP. He also owns the trading company Karat LLP ".

The group has over 5,000 employees.




Askar Aubakirov serves as an adviser to the chairman of the KAZENERGY association, chairman of the coordinating council of the company Intelligent Consulting Solutions LLP, which manages the following oil and gas assets: Almex Plus Firm LLP, Crystal Management JSC and Geo Energy Group LLP ".

At the moment, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at JSC "EuroAsia Construction.




The Centrasia Group, an oilfield services holding controlled by Almas Kudaibergen, provides services in major oil projects in Kazakhstan, Qatar, Russia, Turkey and Georgia. He is a co-founder of the Union of Oilfield Service Companies of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Bolashak Presidential Scholarship Alumni Association and a member of YPO.

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