On 19-20th September, the high-level renewables investment conference Energy Week Central Asia & Mongolia 2023 will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan.
Launched in 2019 by a UK-based Invest In Network, Energy Week quickly became the region’s premier event bringing together state authorities, utilities and TSOs from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia as well as IFIs/DFIs and a large pool of global developers targeting this lucrative market.
Central Asian countries have the potential to become a clean energy hub and can mobilise significant financing to scale up renewables, including solar, wind, and hydropower as well as modernising national and regional grids for improved trade and interconnectivity. Energy Week Central Asia & Mongolia is well-positioned to support these goals and encourage regional cooperation.

Among the topics to be discussed in 2023:
·       Energy security in the region against the backdrop of global challenges. How can the region become a clean energy hub?
·       What does it take for global developers to invest in Central Asia & Mongolia? What needs to be done to further improve enabling environment in the sector? 
·       What are the opportunities for regional and international cooperation and how can these be leveraged for mutual benefit?
·       What are the ongoing and planned sector reforms, and what is the approach of individual countries in light of global competition to attract investments?
·       How can the region boost green finance? Strategies, requirements, and models to secure long-term investment across the sector
·       What are the perspectives for further development of the hydropower sector in the region? Encouraging small hydropower installations vs. repowering of existing large hydropower.
·       Solar and wind energy development as well as storage opportunities to help integrate green power into the system
·       The role of hydrogen in the region’s energy transition. Can green hydrogen eventually compete with coal, oil and gas in this region?
·       Why nuclear plants are needed when countries have a strategy for developing renewables to replace coal?

Official website & registrations: www.camoenergyweek.com

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