On March 16, 2017 the Association of Oil Service Companies of Kazakhstan arranged a business breakfast for members of the Presidium of the Association and executive heads of Tengizchevroil. The operator was represented by Deputy CEO Mr. Anuarber Dzhakiyev, General Project Manager Mr. Karl Brennan, Deputy CEO FGP-WPMP Mr. Aydar Dosbayev, as well as executive heads of structural subdivisions of TCO. The Association was represented by the members of the Presidium who are owners and executive heads of leading contractors –KazPetroDrilling, Frack Jet, KazMorTransFlot, GATE, PSN-KazStroy, ECOS, SICIM, etc.

The main subject of the meeting was discussion of the status and plans for awarding medium and stall FGP-WPMP packages, as well as scopes of key business works. Participants of the meeting asked all their questions of interest and obtained detailed answers. In particular, everyone was interested in the timelines for contracts awarding and scope of works. TCO, in its turn, informed the participants of the business breakfast about the planned small and medium packages forum that will be held in April of the current year.

The Association presented once more the suggestion to award small and medium contracts only to Kazakhstan companies, because from our point of view the oil service market already has enough of the Kazakhstan suppliers of goods, works and services with adequate qualification level that can cover small and medium contracts.

In general the meeting was held in informal atmosphere ‘without ties’, the participants exchanged contacts and could discuss in person all their issues of interest with the TCO representatives. All participants of the business breakfast remarked high productivity of holding meetings of this kind.

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